The Arch Program - Thoughts and Solutions to Renting

The new Arch program at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has been changing the way landlords and renters approach finding housing for the upcoming school years. Since RPI has made it mandatory that Rising Juniors (current Sophomores) have to live on campus during the 2019 summer, there has been lot of confusion on what to do. Hopefully, this article will help inform you and perhaps provide some ideas and solutions to combat these problems whether you are a landlord or a renter.

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has made pages on their website for the Arch discussing the in’s and out’s of it here.

What is the Arch?

As a brief summary of the program, Sophomores that participate in the Arch will have the flexibility to either study abroad or do an internship/co-op on one of the off semesters that they aren’t enrolled into RPI (Fall 19/Spring 20). The semester they have to attend is determined based upon a students major. A Sophomore who attended RPI for Fall 2018/Spring 2019 will have to do a 3rd semester in a row which will be the Summer. Depending on their schedule, they may also have to participate in the Fall 2019 semester. In other words, they have to participate in 4 back to back semesters with perhaps a week or two for break in the winter. This is EXHAUSTING for students and I know searching for apartments will be tiresome as well.

As a renter or Landlord, there are some important Arch dates that should be considered.

ARCH 2019 (Graduating class of 2021)

  • Housing Selection was from November 13th-20th. After the 20th, you will be placed into summer housing. In other words, RPI automatically places you into summer housing and stops receiving requests for permission to live off campus. I know this was pushed back because RPI currently doesn’t have the staff force to aid students.

  • Housing begins May 19th, 2019. Housing ends August 17th.

Arch 2020 (Graduating Class of 2022)

  • Housing Selection will be officially decided as of January 30th.

  • Classes will begin about May 20th and classes will end about August 20th.

As you may be able to see, due to the problems with housing selection this year, RPI pushed back the November 20th selection date to January 30th.

As a Landlord, I am interested in different aspects of the Arch that I will list below.

  • What dates will students need leases for?

  • How do we pick these leases up off of where our current leases end?

  • How can we work with students so that they aren’t forced to live on campus Fall/Spring after their Arch housing ends?

Fortunately, we have answered a lot of these questions ourselves as well as many of the students have been creative in solving their own problems for housing.

  • Fifteenth Street Housing has adopted 5, 6, 10, and 12 month leases in order to work with as many students as possible.

  • All of our current leases end in May so that we have time to clean and repair them before June 1st when our leases begin.

  • Every situation is different and as the leasing agent, I have to work with each student directly to find a solution that will work for both the student and the owner.

When I referred to the students finding their own solutions, I have seen a large number of them enter into year leases while finding subletters for either the summer or the off semester when they won’t be attending RPI. As good of a solution as this may be in order to have someone pay rent when you aren’t living there, a subletter is an individual who has NO obligations to pay rent, clean the room, pay for damages, or be contacted by 15th St Housing since we don’t know who they are. We do allow subletting but since we rent by bedroom, each tenant and each co-signer is liable for their designated bedroom.

Please feel free to contact me, Colin, on my cellphone at 814-243-0558 for questions on how I can accommodate you or your student with a flexible lease for the upcoming semesters! Thank you for reading our post and I hope I hear from you soon!

Refer Your Friends For $50 Q&A

Fifteenth Street Housing has an ongoing promotion where anyone who refers someone to our business will get $50. Please keep in mind this is after a year lease has been signed and executed. I will elaborate on how this works through some questions and answers.

What does it mean to “Refer-A-Friend?”

  • Each renter you send to 15th St who signs and executes a lease, will earn you $50.

How do I refer someone to 15th St Housing?

  • You will need to fill out the form in the refer a friend tab on our website. Once your friends info and yours has been submitted, you are all set and will just have to wait on the outcome of your referral.

Is their a limit to how many people I can refer to 15th St Housing?

  • There is no limit. You will earn $50 for each person who becomes one of our tenants!

Do I have to be a student in order to refer people to your business?

  • No, you don’t have to be a student.

How long do I have to wait to get paid?

  • 30 days after a year lease has been fully signed and executed.

New Informative Blog!

Welcome to the 15th St Housing Blog!

My name is Colin and I am the leasing agent for Fifteenth Street Housing. I decided to add a blog to our website to help inform our renters of what to expect when it comes to leasing bedrooms/apartments from us. I will be making individually summarized posts to address certain subjects I often see our renters struggle with.

As a summary for anyone who doesn’t know who 15th St Housing is, we are a local property management company in Troy, NY. We are a full service company focusing primarily with all inclusive bedrooms among our 38 different properties. Since we rent by the bedroom, almost all of our current renters are college students. Our close proximity to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has made our housing ideal for RPI students but we have found that HVCC, Sage, and Sienna College students also benefit from our options!